Consult & Branding

Consult & Branding

STEP  : 1

Consulting program (Phone Consult & Evaluation)

Consult with you on the suitability of your prospective location to evaluate its potential before you lease it and commit yourself. You would e-mail us some photos of the shop, with a general description of the area, the size of the shop, rent, what lease can you get, what other businesses are next to you. The location of your shop will be your single most important step. we will tell you so. If it is appropriate, we will do our best to help you to succeed.

  1. Design the working part of your shop for speed and efficiency of operation. This will include the configuration of the counters, the placement of all equipment, plumbing and electric needs, as well as everything necessary to comply with your local health department.
  2. Advise you on all the equipment that you will need to operate your shop. This alone may save you thousands of baht and eliminate all the confusion that may arise by talking to many espresso equipment and other sales people.
  3. Provide you with a complete and detailed list of all supplies that you will need to start your business. This will include coffee, syrups, cups, napkins etc. This will save you a lot of time that you can better invest in thinking about the decor of your shop or in hiring employees.
  4. Develop a menu that will make sense to your customers. The right kind of menu is your most important marketing tool, and it may determine to a large degree the success of your business.

STEP  : 2

Espresso Business Assessment Program

Identify & sharpen your best practices

            Can help you take a fresh look at your business and provide insight based on yours of experience recognizing the opportunities as the hidden pitfalls.

Menu and Pricing :

            have your customers become conservative in their spending? Are you offering competitive prices, excellent value and quality coffee service?

Product & Presentation :

            Do you suffer from characterless coffee ? Are your drink preparations consistent in taste and quality ? Are they presented in a visually pleasing manner ? Are you using the correct coffee grind and coffee brewing equipment? Are all your employees properly trained ? Do you have a current quality assurance maintenance program?

Effective Branding :

Dose your coffee shop have a unique and well-know presence and reputation in the surrounding community? Is your reputation increasing or decreasing sales ? Are you providing what your customer base is looking for?

Vision :

            Has your passion for espresso been diluted? Are you providing your customers with an espresso drink experience or just a cup of coffee?

STEP  : 3


  1. Arrive at your location and observe your operation several hours before you open your doors. We will check:
    • Equipment lay-out
    • Menu and pricing
    • Customer order and pick up area
    • Drink preparation techniques for taste and speed
    • Signs and any other promotional material
    • After opening we will check the flow of speed and efficiency in serving customers
  2. We will suggest how to reposition your equipment (if needed) for speed and efficiency of operation, (some times all it takes is to move it a few inches) suggest menu and pricing adjustments so as to focus on espresso based drinks and implement effective low cost marketing techniques to attract more espresso customers.
  3. Present a mini-espresso business seminar to you, the owner and selected employees, which will include in-depth drink preparation techniques for best taste and speed.
  4. Work with your “baristas” on line, serving drinks to actual customers and improving their new skills.

All of the above may be accomplished in about a day and a half, and if implemented, you will notice an increase in sales and customer satisfaction within a short time.
Regular brewed coffee, no matter how good it may be, is not going to attract customers or retain their loyalty if they can get the same thing in a more convenient place to them. To survive and prosper, you must develop a strategic difference from your competition, and the most effective way to do that is by implementing a viable espresso concept, which may require a different approach, marketing and drink preparation techniques.